The CTC collaborates with the Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Centre (AGCMC) to conduct clinical trials to improve personalised cancer treatment access and outcomes for patients with rare or advanced cancers.

One in five cancers is diagnosed rare. There are few trials available for these cancers and limited funding for treatments compared to common cancers. By exploring changes in cancer genes/proteins, we have the power to personalise treatment according to genes/proteins and not the cancer type.

The Molecular Screening and Therapeutics Study (MoST) will:

  • provide faster access to more effective treatments
  • expand promising treatments from ongoing studies into larger patients groups
  • encourage co-investment from government & industry
  • change the way development of cancer care is currently undertaken.

This ground-breaking program has already screened more than 2,000 Australians with advanced cancers and treated over 200 patients.


The MoST protocol is also conducting clinical studies to test new immunotherapy drugs in patients with high-mortality cancers. Although immunotherapies are proving to be effective in many cancer types, they do not work in all patients. We are looking to find biomarkers that can predict which patients will benefit from specific treatments targeting the immune system, and to better understand how immunotherapies work to fight cancer.



The Molecular Screening and Therapeutics Study (MoST)