This ground-breaking program has already enrolled more than 3,000 Australians with advanced cancers, more than 80% of which are rare and less common. Patients with no other effective therapeutic options have travelled from every state and territory to NSW to take part in the program.

Joining MoST

First, all patients (and their tumours where possible) are genomically screened to see if they're suitable and if there are variants that can guide the treatments. These trials are looking to see if a treatment will work, or work more effectively than another treatment.

After screening, patients are offered either:

  1. MoST clinical trials, including immunotherapies
  2. Clinical trials outside MoST that use molecular eligibility criteria
  3. Other biomarker-guided treatments outside MoST

All participants, including those with no ‘actionable’ biomarkers, are informed of the results of the screening through their own doctors.

MoST has already shown that genomic cancer profiling can identify treatable options for a significant portion of patients who previously had none.

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