The CTC’s Neonatal and Perinatal trials are at the forefront in addressing the causes of mortality and morbidity in these babies and developing interventions to promote
healthy survival.

Our neonatal and perinatal research program focuses on areas of need, such as neonatal infection, oxygen therapy and simple cost‑effective measures to reduce health problems and improve outcomes for these high‑risk babies.

The CTC neonatal and perinatal team and the WINNER Centre for Newborn and Perinatal Research advocate for systemic and methodological improvements in the way clinical trials are conducted to keep them manageable. The group has built a range of international partnerships with clinicians and researchers working to improve the lifelong consequences of neonatal and perinatal disorders.

Parents and family members with experience of having a premature infant are important members of these partnerships, contributing their experience and views in the choice of research questions and the design and interpretation of neonatal trials.

For more information, contact Neonatal and Perinatal Director, William Tarnow-Mordi


Don't just take from us, learn from us

Parents of premature infants and consumer engagement advocates, Melinda Cruz Turner and Natalie Merida speak about the importance of consumer involvement in clinical trials at the Perinatal Society of ANZ Congress in June 2022.


Training for Parent and Public Involvement in Large Simple Perinatal Trials

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