Trial results

CTC has created easy-to-read summaries of recently completed CTC trials and studies. 

Cancer trials

Advanced GIST (62005) High-dose versus standard-dose imatinib for gastrointestinal stromal tumours

Adjuvant GIST (62024) Imatinib after surgery for gastrointestinal stromal tumours

ALaCaRT Australasian Laparoscopic Cancer of the Rectum trial (laparoscopic or open surgery for rectal cancer)

ATTACHE Chemotherapy for secondary bowel cancer in the liver 

ATTAX3 Panitumumab added to chemotherapy for oesophagogastric cancer (upper digestive tract)

CABARET Carboplatin and bevacizumab in recurrent glioblastoma (brain cancer)

CannabisCINV Medicinal cannabis to prevent chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV): Results of the pilot phase of the study.

CO.23 Napabucasin (BBI608) for colorectal cancer

GAP Chemotherapy before surgery for pancreas cancer

ICECREAM Antibody treatment for colorectal cancer with a G13D mutation

INTEGRATE Regorafenib for advanced oesophagogastric cancer  (upper digestive tract)

NITRO Chemotherapy and nitroglycerin for lung cancer

PARAGON Anti-oestrogen treatment for chemotherapy-resistant ovarian cancer

SCOT 3 versus 6 months of chemotherapy for bowel cancer

SNAC Sentinel Node Biopsy versus Axillary Clearance (breast cancer)

TACTIC Panitumumab for biliary tract cancer (bile duct)

TOPGEAR Radiation added to chemotherapy for stomach cancer

Cardiovascular trials

INSPIRE Aspirin for the prevention of recurrent venous thromboembolism (meta-analysis of ASPIRE and WARFASA trials)

Diabetes trials

T4DM Effect of testosterone treatment on type 2 diabetes incidence in high risk men enrolled in a lifestyle program

Neonatal and Perinatal trials

APTS Australian Placental Transfusion Study (for parents)

APTS Echo Australian Placental Transfusion Study (effects of delayed cord clamping on early blood flow)

BOOSTII Benefits of oxygen saturation targeting, trial 2