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We assess the risks and benefits of new health technologies for the Federal Government who then decide whether to publicly fund the technology or not. Health technologies can include pharmaceutical devices, medical devices, or technologies related to medical procedures, medical tests and health programs. 

We are medically-trained academics, health economists, clinical epidemiologists, and staff with training in public health and policy. Our diverse skill set enables us to provide a balanced assessment for government. 


Since 1999 we have conducted over 40 HTAs exclusively for the Department of Health and its key advisory body, the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC). We deliver systematic reviews and economic analyses and modelling on health technologies to MSAC on issues like comparative safety, effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and total cost.

On the basis of our work, MSAC advises the Department of Health on whether a new technology should be publicly funded via the Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS). This process ensures Australians get access to safe and clinically effective medical services that represent value for money for the Australian healthcare system.

The team has also provided HTAs for other areas of the Department of Health including:

  • Population Health Division
  • MBS Quality Framework (in collaboration with HealthConsult)
  • Nationally Funded Centres Program
  • Diagnostic Services Branch
  • Assisted Reproductive Technologies Review Committee


Federal Government.

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