The CTC's in-house molecular and biochemical biomarker research specialises in cardiovascular, diabetes and retinal research, in both fundamental (mechanism) and clinical (diagnostic and outcome) research. 

The laboratory work helps to facilitate “bench-to-bedside” (and reverse) research in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, including fundamental biological mechanisms, micro- and macrovascular complication of diabetes and novel therapies (artificial pancreas). They also provide input into the analysis of samples from various clinical trials run within Australia and overseas.

Samples from the trials are securely stored and analysed in our labs. These biospecimens are used in translational research studies to seek biomarkers. Biomarkers are biological flags that may help to select patients most likely to benefit from a treatment, forecast survival or to spare particular patients from treatment toxicities.

The biomarkers can also be used as a tool in precision medicine - to select the right treatment, delivered at the right time for the individual patient.