CTC Research Data Sharing Policies & Procedures

High quality research enables and informs public health good and drives improvements to healthcare and outcomes. Efficient use of high-quality research data facilitates reduction in research wastage and minimises repetition. Therefore, the CTC is committed to the responsible sharing of research data, in a manner that is fair and ethical and respects the significant contributions research participants make to furthering our research endeavours.

For all research, the CTC complies with all current University of Sydney policies and procedures, as well as ethical, regulatory and legal guidelines of clinical trial research.

The CTC will only consider written requests for sharing research data. Requests will be reviewed by the appropriate committee(s) or individual(s) responsible for oversight of the particular research in question, including designated CTC personnel, the research Sponsor, legal data owner(s), custodian(s), and/or authorised delegates. Such review will be based on:

  • Scientific merit of the proposal;
  • Track record of the requester and their research team;
  • Terms of participant consent under which the requested data were obtained;
  • Applicable ethical, regulatory, contractual, and legal obligations and limitations;
  • Effort and costs required to prepare and share the requested data;
  • Potential impact of data sharing on ongoing or planned research, analyses, publications (including whether the proposal is already being planned by the investigators);
  • Opportunities for investigators and requesters to collaborate on the proposed research;
  • Potential risk to the integrity or outcome of other CTC research, business, intellectual property, interests, or reputation.