The Waratah Vaccine Trial Network (the Network) endeavours to be a hub for the future of vaccine trials in NSW. With support from the NSW Ministry of Health, Sydney Children’s Hospital Network (SCHN) has partnered with the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre (CTC) at the University of Sydney to establish the Network. It is envisioned that the Network will be a multidisciplinary collaboration of leading and emerging clinical vaccine researchers, consumers, and other stakeholders, for the facilitation & coordination of Vaccine Research in NSW and across Australia.


Our vision

To improve population health through the conduct of high quality, collaborative clinical vaccine trial research in NSW and Australia.


Our mission

  • To establish NSW as a premier site in Australia for vaccine trial research
  • To increase access to clinical vaccine trials for the population of NSW
  • To provide an efficient, high performing clinical trial network as a platform by which to conduct both industry-sponsored and investigator-initiated vaccine trials
  • To provide education, training and mentorship of the next generation of vaccine researchers
  • To engage with consumers to optimise the design conduct and potential benefits of vaccine trials
  • To facilitate the translation of the results of vaccine trials into policies and programs for our population


We welcome trial Sponsors and investigators to approach the Network coordination team with a vaccine trial that they wish to be conducted under network capabilities.

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Waratah Vaccine Trials Network