The CTC provides a central randomisation service for studies conducted in Australia or overseas, in either academic research institutions or industry. A range of service types are available depending on the size of the trial and the budget. 

Email and/or phone operator (manual):

  • for small studies (20-40 patients) 
  • available during CTC business hours only

Interactive voice response system (IVRS):

  • immediate response
  • collects and responds to caller inputs 
  • available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 
  • optional fax and email confirmations for each randomisation
  • automatic allocation of kits or devices
  • 24-hour emergency unblinding and backup service

Web-based system:

  • A web-based system is available for large trials. It is possible to combine the IVRS and web access methods.


Manual service:

  • approx $20 per patient plus set-up and management fees

Automated services:

  • approx $10 per patient, depending on access or confirmation required
  • higher set-up costs (starting from $2000)


A range of methods is available, but most commonly we use minimisation. Stratified blocks are available upon request. 

The most appropriate method will be determined after detailed discussion with a statistician and will be based on your trial size, stratification factors and any practical requirements.

The CTC Outreach program aims to provide a sustainable national resource that fosters high-quality, investigator-initiated clinical trials research in undersupported areas of public health importance. Our specific objectives are to:

  • collaborate with established investigators on clinical trial research activities, including concept development, funding applications, study conduct and reporting
  • provide support to less-experienced investigators via concept development workshops
  • support courses in biostatistics methods and clinical trial operations
  • consult on funded projects with opportunities for scientific input
  • ensure the Outreach program is sustainable by operating on a cost-recovery basis.