The aim of the Genomics Cancer Trials Initiative (GCCTI) is to support the 14 national cooperative cancer clinical trials groups (CTGs) funded under Cancer Australia’s Support for Cancer Clinical Trials program to develop cancer clinical trial protocols (grant applications) for studies involving two or more cancer types and two or more cooperative trials groups.

The GCCTI is funded by the Australian Government through Cancer Australia.

The GCCTI is committed to supporting and fostering effective working relationships to achieve this aim. This includes facilitation of annual workshops to generate and prioritise trial ideas, followed by collaborative development of concepts and grant applications, by grant development teams, for submission to national and international grant schemes. If successful, the trial/s will be conducted in collaboration by all relevant CTGs and other key clinicians/groups.

The GCCTI is provided by the CTC in partnership with health consultancy group ZEST Health Strategies.

CTC team members

  • Professor Martin Stockler (Program Lead)
  • Professor John Simes
  • Dr Chee Lee
  • Dr Katrin Sjoquist
  • Dr Sonia Yip
  • A/Professor Mustafa Khasraw
  • Dr Yeh Chen Lee
  • Burcu Vachan
  • Martijn Oonstendorp