LIPID 20th anniversary

On Friday 26th October 2018 CTC hosted the LIPID 20th anniversary meeting. Over 50 guests attended to celebrate the global impact of the LIPID study and share many of the untold success stories. 

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LIPID was the CTC's first large, long-term, multi-centre trial. It was inspired by a study in Norway which showed that high cholesterol levels could be lowered with the drug statin, reducing the risk of a patient experiencing a cardiac event. The LIPID team wanted to see if this same approach could be used for people with normal cholesterol levels, as it is not unusual for those with normal levels to suffer a cardiac event. The statin-lowering approach vastly increased the chances of study participants having a longer and more fulfilling life, and changed clinical practices worldwide.


Fast facts

  • Pravastatin treatment for six years was found to reduce death from cardiovascular disease by 24%, and overall mortality by 23%
  • Long-term follow-up has shown that this improved survival rate continues for almost two decades, largely due to prevention of cardiovascular deaths
  • Over 9,000 participants and 87 hospitals from across Australia and New Zealand
  • Long-term treatment with statins is not associated with an increase in the rates of new cancers or death
  • The results of the LIPID study have meant that statin treatment is now subsidised for Australian patients
  • Blood samples collected over the initial phase of the trial are being used in new investigations to determine how various biological and genetic markers are related to the risk of cardiovascular disease and to the effects of Pravastatin.


LIPID participant Kenneth O'Loughlin


On ABC Radio National

CTC Director John Simes discussed LIPID with the ABC's Dr Norman Swan.


Highlight journal articles

Below are highlight articles published in some of the world's best journals. View a list of published research relating to the LIPID study.


20th anniversary presentations

Prof Malcom West, St Vincent’s Northside Medical Centre


Prof Andrew Tonkin, Monash University

LIPID: A cause for celebration

Prof Sir Rory Collins, Oxford University

LIPID: Its global impact

Prof John Varigos & Prof Andrew Tonkin, Monash University

Genesis of LIPID: Untold stories

Prof John Simes, CTC

Cost-effectiveness of statins and return on investment of LIPID

Prof Ralph StewartAuckland Heart Group

Value of sub-studies: what have we learnt?

Prof John Simes (chair)

DSMBs and trial conduct in the light of new evidence

Dr Wendy Hague & Prof John Simes, CTC

Long-term effectiveness and safety

Prof Tony Keech, CTC

Lipid-modifying therapy: the changing landscape since LIPID

Prof Andrew Tonkin, Monash University

How to get the most from ‘liquid gold’ blood samples

Pdf Presentation

Prof Harvey WhiteAuckland City Hospital

Major findings guiding future research and practice

Pdf presentation

Prof Peter Meikle (Baker Institute) and others

Audience Discussion


20th anniversary photographs