The Molecular and Biochemical Biomarker Research Group is interested in the prediction and prevention of diabetes complications and cardiovascular disease as well as the use of technology in healthcare.

This multidisciplinary team is based at the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre at the University of Sydney. The team undertakes clinical (people based) research and laboratory based studies and has an extensive and valued national and international network of collaborators.

The team has a biomarker laboratory with a wide range of clinical, biochemical and molecular tools that can be applied to the above types of studies, and are available for other researchers to use.

Building and learning from the next generation of biomedical researchers is important and the team includes clinical and science trainees from undergraduate to postgraduate level. Team members serve the profession via membership of review panels, conference conduct, membership of advisory boards, editorial roles and guideline developing groups. They are available as speakers for community groups and are actively engaged with humanitarian aid organisations.