The Molecular Screening and Therapeutics program (MoST) is an innovative approach bringing new treatment options for advanced and incurable cancers. New treatment options are targeted (or personalised) to the genes and proteins of the patient’s cancer, instead of their cancer type.

Support from government and partnerships with hospitals, collaborative groups, industry, and philanthropy have grown the program from a NSW pilot into a leading source of treatments for advanced cancer patients throughout Australia.

The MoST program has established drug and funding partnerships with an expanding list of pharmaceutical companies (including Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Roche, LOXO/Bayer, Eisai) and two biotechnology companies (Roche Foundation Medicine and Illumina), with a total funding amount of over $17.9 million.

The CTC is a founding member of a not-for-profit company called the Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Centre (AGCMC), now known as OMICO, through which MoST will continue to grow, together with new national member centres. The company has attracted over $70 million in funding.

The Molecular Screening and Therapeutics Study (MoST)