CTC investigators awarded new funding


We are very pleased to announce recent results from NHMRC awards to Investigators at the CTC. Congratulations to Ann Livingstone and Xanthi Coskinas on each being awarded an NHMRC PHD Scholarship. Rachael Morton, Lisa Askie and Mbathio Dieng were each successful in being awarded NHMRC Project Grants. We were also successful in being part of a new NHMRC CRE  grant in translational breast cancer research. 

CTC Chief Investigator



Grant award

Ann Livingstone

NHMRC Postgraduate Scholarship

The costs, benefits and patient and clinician preferences of adjuvant immunotherapy in melanoma (Health Economics)



Xanthi Coskinas

NHMRC Postgraduate Scholarship

Changes to design aspects of ongoing randomised controlled trials (RCT)


A/Prof Rachael Morton (CIA)

NHMRC Project Grant

Can symptom monitoring with feedback to clinicians improve the lives of people on dialysis? (SWIFT)


Prof Lisa Askie (CIA)

NHMRC Project Grant

Cord Clamping and Placental Transfusion at Preterm Birth: an individual participant data and network meta-analysis


Dr Mbathio Dieng (CIH)

NHMRC Project Grant

Can patient-led surveillance detect recurrent or new primary melanoma & reduce need for routinely scheduled follow-up? A Randomised Controlled Trial.


Prof John Simes (CII)

NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence

Centre for Translational Breast Cancer Research (TransBCR): delivering laboratory discoveries to the clinic


A/Prof Anand Hardikar (CIA)

Danish Diabetes Academy Visiting Professorship

Assessing and Simulating (Pre-)miRNA Expression (ASPiRE) Study


A/Prof Mustafa Khasraw (CIA)

Cure Brain Cancer Grant

Sequitur: SEQUential Immunotherapy in Underserved Rare cancers


A/Prof Mustafa Khasraw (CIE)

ARC Grant

Precision and the person. A sociological study of innovation in cancer care


Prof Kei Lui

MRFF – Rare Diseases

Does withholding enteral feeds around blood transfusion reduce the incidence of NEC in very preterm infants. The international WHEAT study.


Dr Craig Gedye


MRFF – Brain Cancer

MAGMA – Multi-Arm Glioblastoma Australasia Trial


Dr Hao-Wen Sim COGNO

MRFF – Brain Cancer

PICCOG – PARP and Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Combination for relapsed IDH-mutant high grade glioma


Dr Sonia Yip (CIE)

Cancer Council WA

Laboratory tests to understand why some patients with mesothelioma respond better to a combination of chemotherapy and immunotherapy


A/Prof Mustafa Khasraw (CID)

Dr Sonia Yip (CIL)


MRFF:Australian Brain Cancer Mission - Innovative Clinical Trials

LUMOS (Low & Intermediate Grade Glioma Umbrella Study of Molecular Guided Therapies)