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A phase II trial of durvalumab (Medi 4736) in advanced endometrial cancer: PHAEDRA

Antill, YC. Stockler, M.R. Kok, P.S. Robledo, K.P. Gillies, K. Stark, J. Yip, S. Mileshkin, L. Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group (ANZGOG),

Residual vein thrombus does not predict for recurrent veing thrombosis in the ASPIRE study

Brighton, T. Bosco, A. Robledo, K. Mister, R. Hague, W. Kirby, A. Eikelboom, J. Simes, J.

Does continuous infusion of local anaesthesia improve pain control and walking distance after coronary artery bypass graft surgery? A randomised controlled trial

Hong, S. S. Alison, J. A. Milross, M. A. Robledo, K. Dignan, R.
PHYSIOTHERAPY, 2017     DOI:10.1016/

Results of the quad wild type arm of the AGITG ICECREAM study: a randomised phase II study of cetuximab alone or in combination with irinotecan in patients with refractory metastatic colorectal cancer with no mutations in KRAS, NRAS, BRAF or PIK3CA

Shapiro, J.D. Thavaneswaran, S. Underhill, C. Robledo, K.P. Karapetis, C.S. Day, F.L. Nott, L.M. Jefford M. Chantrill, L.A. Pavlakis, N. Tebbutt, N.C. Price, T.J. Khasraw, M. Van Hazel, G. Waring, P.M. Tejpar, S. Simes, J. Gebski, V. Desai, J. Segelov, E.

Delayed versus immediate cord clamping in preterm infants

Tarnow-Mordi, W. Morris, J. Kirby, A. Robledo, K. Askie, L. Brown, R. Evans, N. Finlayson, S. Fogarty, M. Gebski, V. Ghadge, A. Hague, W. Isaacs, D. Jeffery, M. Keech, A. Kluckow, M. Popat, H. Sebastian, L. Aagaard, K. Belfort, M. Pammi, M. Abdel-Latif, M. Reynolds, G. Ariff, S. Sheikh, L. Chen, Y. Colditz, P. Liley, H. Pritchard, M. de Luca, D. de Waal, K. Forder, P. Duley, L. El-Naggar, W. Gill, A. Newnham, J. Simmer, K. Groom, K. Weston, P. Gullam, J. Patel, H. Koh, G. Lui, K. Marlow, N. Morris, S. Sehgal, A. Wallace, E. Soll, R. Young, L. Sweet, D. Walker, S. Watkins, A. Wright, I. Osborn, D. Simes, J. Australian Placental Transfusion Study Collaborative, Group

Effect of Delayed Cord Clamping on Systemic Blood Flow: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Popat, H. Robledo, K. P. Sebastian, L. Evans, N. Gill, A. Kluckow, M. Sinhal, S. de Waal, K. Tarnow-Mordi, W. Osborn, D.
JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS, 2016     DOI:10.1016/j.jpeds.2016.08.004

Response to Cetuximab With or Without Irinotecan in Patients With Refractory Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Harboring the KRAS G13D Mutation: Australasian Gastro-Intestinal Trials Group ICECREAM Study

Segelov, E. Thavaneswaran, S. Waring, P. M. Desai, J. Robledo, K. P. Gebski, V. J. Elez, E. Nott, L. M. Karapetis, C. S. Lunke, S. Chantrill, L. A. Pavlakis, N. Khasraw, M. Underhill, C. Ciardiello, F. Jefford, M. Wasan, H. Haydon, A. Price, T. J. van Hazel, G. Wilson, K. Simes, J. Shapiro, J. D.
JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY, 2016     DOI:10.1200/JCO.2015.65.6843