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Preoperative cisplatin, fluorouracil, and docetaxel with or without radiotherapy after poor early response to cisplatin and fluorouracil for resectable oesophageal adenocarcinoma (AGITG DOCTOR): Results from a multicentre, randomised controlled phase II trial

Barbour, A. P. Walpole, E. T. Mai, G. T. Barnes, E. H. Watson, D. I. Ackland, S. P. Martin, J. M. Burge, M. Finch, R. Karapetis, C. S. Shannon, J. Nott, L. M. Varma, S. Marx, G. Falk, G. L. Gebski, V. Oostendorp, M. Wilson, K. Thomas, J. Lampe, G. Zalcberg, J. R. Simes, J. Smithers, B. M. Doctor investigators
ANNALS OF ONCOLOGY, 2020     DOI:10.1016/j.annonc.2019.10.019

Uric acid predicts long-term cardiovascular risk in type 2 diabetes but does not mediate the benefits of fenofibrate: The FIELD study

Cao, J. Y. Waldman, B. O'Connell, R. Sullivan, D. R. Scott, R. S. Aryal, N. Gebski, V. Marschner, I. Taskinen, M. R. Simes, J. R. McGill, N. Jenkins, A. J. Keech, A. C. Field investigators
DIABETES, OBESITY AND METABOLISM, 2020     DOI:10.1111/dom.14046

Generating comparative evidence on new drugs and devices after approval

Cipriani, A. Ioannidis, J. P. A. Rothwell, P. M. Glasziou, P. Li, T. Hernandez, A. F. Tomlinson, A. Simes, J. Naci, H.
LANCET, 2020     DOI:10.1016/S0140-6736(19)33177-0

Questioning statin therapy for older patients - Authors' reply

Fulcher, J. Keech, A. Simes, J. Baigent, C. Collins, R.
LANCET, 2020     DOI:10.1016/S0140-6736(19)33159-9

Oral THC:CBD cannabis extract for refractory chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting: a randomised, placebo-controlled, phase II crossover trial

Grimison, P. Mersiades, A. Kirby, A. Lintzeris, N. Morton, R. Haber, P. Olver, I. Walsh, A. McGregor, I. Cheung, Y. Tognela, A. Hahn, C. Briscoe, K. Aghmesheh, M. Fox, P. Abdi, E. Clarke, S. Della-Fiorentina, S. Shannon, J. Gedye, C. Begbie, S. Simes, J. Stockler, M.
ANNALS OF ONCOLOGY, 2020     DOI:10.1016/j.annonc.2020.07.020

Development and validation of a ceramide- and phospholipid-based cardiovascular risk estimation score for coronary artery disease patients

Hilvo, M. Meikle, P. J. Pedersen, E. R. Tell, G. S. Dhar, I. Brenner, H. Schottker, B. Laaperi, M. Kauhanen, D. Koistinen, K. M. Jylha, A. Huynh, K. Mellett, N. A. Tonkin, A. M. Sullivan, D. R. Simes, J. Nestel, P. Koenig, W. Rothenbacher, D. Nygard, O. Laaksonen, R.
EUROPEAN HEART JOURNAL, 2020     DOI:10.1093/eurheartj/ehz387

Validation of progression-free survival rate at 6 months and objective response for estimating overall survival in immune checkpoint inhibitor trials: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Kok, P. S. Cho, D. Yoon, W. H. Ritchie, G. Marschner, I. Lord, S. Friedlander, M. Simes, J. Lee, C. K.
JAMA NETW OPEN, 2020     DOI:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2020.11809

Return to work following laparoscopic-assisted resection or open resection for rectal cancer: Findings from AlaCaRT-Australasian Laparoscopic Cancer of the Rectum Trial

Law, C. K. Brewer, K. Brown, C. Wilson, K. Bailey, L. Hague, W. Simes, J. R. Stevenson, A. Solomon, M. Morton, R. L. Australasian Gastro-Intestinal Trials Group, ALaCaRT investigators
CANCER MED, 2020     DOI:10.1002/cam4.3623

Systematic review and network meta-analysis with individual participant data on cord management at preterm birth (iCOMP): study protocol

Seidler, A. L. Duley, L. Katheria, A. C. De Paco Matallana, C. Dempsey, E. Rabe, H. Kattwinkel, J. Mercer, J. Josephsen, J. Fairchild, K. Andersson, O. Hosono, S. Sundaram, V. Datta, V. El-Naggar, W. Tarnow-Mordi, W. Debray, T. Hooper, S. B. Kluckow, M. Polglase, G. Davis, P. G. Montgomery, A. Hunter, K. E. Barba, A. Simes, J. Askie, L. i, Comp Collaboration
BMJ OPEN, 2020     DOI:10.1136/bmjopen-2019-034595

Role of chemotherapy in 5000 patients with head and neck cancer treated by curative surgery: a subgroup analysis of the meta-analysis of chemotherapy in head and neck cancer

Dauzier, E. Lacas, B. Blanchard, P. Le, Q. T. Simon, C. Wolf, G. Janot, F. Horiuchi, M. Tobias, J. S. Moon, J. Simes, J. Deshmane, V. Mazeron, J. J. Mehta, S. Zaktonik, B. Tamura, M. Moyal, E. Licitra, L. Fortpied, C. Haffty, B. G. Ghi, M. G. Gregoire, V. Harris, J. Bourhis, J. Auperin, A. Pignon, J. P. Mach-Nc Collaborative Group
ORAL ONCOLOGY, 2019     DOI:10.1016/j.oraloncology.2019.06.001

Changes in plasma lipids predict pravastatin efficacy in secondary prevention

Jayawardana, K. S. Mundra, P. A. Giles, C. Barlow, C. K. Nestel, P. J. Barnes, E. H. Kirby, A. Thompson, P. Sullivan, D. R. Alshehry, Z. H. Mellett, N. A. Huynh, K. McConville, M. J. Zoungas, S. Hillis, G. S. Chalmers, J. Woodward, M. Marschner, I. C. Wong, G. Kingwell, B. A. Simes, J. Tonkin, A. M. Meikle, P. J. Lipid Study Investigators
JCI INSIGHT, 2019     DOI:10.1172/jci.insight.128438

Whole genome and biomarker analysis of patients with recurrent glioblastoma on bevacizumab: a subset analysis of the CABARET trial

Olafson, L. R. Siddell, A. H. Field, K. M. Byrnes, M. Rapkins, R. W. Ng, B. Nixdorf, S. Barnes, E. H. Johns, T. G. Yip, S. Simes, J. Nowak, A. K. Rosenthal, M. A. McDonald, K. L.
JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NEUROSCIENCE, 2019     DOI:10.1016/j.jocn.2019.08.044

Pulse oximeter saturation targeting and oximeter changes in the benefits of oxygen saturation targeting (BOOST)-II Australia and BOOST-II UK oxygen trials

Stenson, B. J. Donoghoe, M. Brocklehurst, P. Davis, P. G. Juszczak, E. Marschner, I. C. Simes, J. Tarnow-Mordi, W. O.
JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS, 2019     DOI:10.1016/j.jpeds.2018.08.033

Disease-free survival and local recurrence after laparoscopic-assisted resection or open resection for rectal cancer: the Australasian laparoscopic cancer of the rectum randomized clinical trial

Stevenson, A. R. L. Solomon, M. J. Brown, C. S. B. Lumley, J. W. Hewett, P. Clouston, A. D. Gebski, V. J. Wilson, K. Hague, W. Simes, J. Australasian Gastro-Intestinal Trials Group, ALaCaRT investigators
ANNALS OF SURGERY, 2019     DOI:10.1097/SLA.0000000000003021