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A microRNA signature in acute coronary syndrome patients and modulation by colchicine

Barraclough, J. Y. Joglekar, M. V. Januszewski, A. S. Martinez, G. Celermajer, D. S. Keech, A. C. Hardikar, A. A. Patel, S.

Use of professional-mode flash glucose monitoring, at 3-month intervals, in adults with type 2 diabetes in general practice (GP-OSMOTIC): A pragmatic, open-label, 12-month, randomised controlled trial

Furler, J. O'Neal, D. Speight, J. Blackberry, I. Manski-Nankervis, J. A. Thuraisingam, S. de La Rue, K. Ginnivan, L. Doyle, R. Holmes-Truscott, E. Khunti, K. Dalziel, K. Chiang, J. Audehm, R. Kennedy, M. Clark, M. Jenkins, A. Lake, A. J. Januszewski, A. S. Catchpool, M. Liew, D. Clarke, P. Best, J.
LANCET DIABETES ENDOCRINOL, 2020     DOI:10.1016/S2213-8587(19)30385-7

Point-of-care testing of HbA1c, renal function and lipids in remote or disadvantaged regions

Handrinos, L. Januszewski, A. S. Trimble, E. Donelan, N. Williams, P. Jenkins, A. J.
INTERNAL MEDICINE JOURNAL, 2020     DOI:10.1111/imj.15114

Estimated insulin sensitivity in Type 1 diabetes adults using clinical and research biomarkers

Januszewski, A. S. Sachithanandan, N. Ward, G. Karschimkus, C. S. O'Neal, D. N. Jenkins, A. J.
DIABETES RESEARCH AND CLINICAL PRACTICE, 2020     DOI:10.1016/j.diabres.2020.108359

Skin autofluorescence in people with type 1 diabetes and people without diabetes: An eight-decade cross-sectional study with evidence of accelerated aging and associations with complications

Januszewski, A. S. Xu, D. Cho, Y. H. Benitez-Aguirre, P. Z. O'Neal, D. N. Craig, M. E. Donaghue, K. C. Jenkins, A. J.
DIABETIC MEDICINE, 2020     DOI:10.1111/dme.14432

FKBPL is associated with metabolic parameters and is a novel determinant of cardiovascular disease

Januszewski, A. S. Watson, C. J. O'Neill, V. McDonald, K. Ledwidge, M. Robson, T. Jenkins, A. J. Keech, A. C. McClements, L.
SCI REP, 2020     DOI:10.1038/s41598-020-78676-6

Relationships of adipocyte-fatty acid binding protein and lipocalin 2 with risk factors and chronic complications in type 2 diabetes and effects of fenofibrate: A fenofibrate Intervention and event lowering in diabetes sub-study

Ong, K. L. Wu, L. Januszewski, A. S. O'Connell, R. L. Xu, A. Rye, K. A. Ma, R. C. W. Li, H. Jenkins, A. J. Jia, W. Keech, A. C. Field study investigators
DIABETES RESEARCH AND CLINICAL PRACTICE, 2020     DOI:10.1016/j.diabres.2020.108450

Imaging the eye and its relevance to diabetes care

Quinn, N. Jenkin, A. Ryan, C. Januszewski, A. Peto, T. Brazionis, L.
J DIABETES INVESTIG, 2020     DOI:10.1111/jdi.13462

Associations between circulating inflammatory markers, diabetes type and complications in youth

Aulich, J. Cho, Y. H. Januszewski, A. S. Craig, M. E. Selvadurai, H. Wiegand, S. Jenkins, A. J. Donaghue, K. C.
PEDIATR DIABETES, 2019     DOI:10.1111/pedi.12913

Higher serum sex hormone-binding globulin levels are associated with incident cardiovascular disease in men

Gyawali, P. Martin, S. A. Heilbronn, L. K. Vincent, A. D. Jenkins, A. J. Januszewski, A. S. Adams, R. J. T. O'Loughlin, P. D. Wittert, G. A.

The early detection of atherosclerosis in type 1 diabetes: why, how and what to do about it

Jenkins, A. Januszewski, A. O'Neal, D.
CARDIOVASC ENDOCRINOL METAB, 2019     DOI:10.1097/XCE.0000000000000169

Attractions and barriers to Australian physician-researcher careers

Mills, J. M. Z. Januszewski, A. S. Robinson, B. G. Traill, C. L. Jenkins, A. J. Keech, A. C.
INTERNAL MEDICINE JOURNAL, 2019     DOI:10.1111/imj.14086

High plasma FGF21 levels predicts major cardiovascular events in patients treated with atorvastatin (from the Treating to New Targets [TNT] Study)

Ong, K. L. Hui, N. Januszewski, A. S. Kaakoush, N. O. Xu, A. Fayyad, R. DeMicco, D. A. Jenkins, A. J. Keech, A. C. Waters, D. D. Barter, P. J. Rye, K. A.
METABOLISM: CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL, 2019     DOI:10.1016/j.metabol.2018.11.006

HbA1c variability in adults with type 1 diabetes on continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) therapy compared to multiple daily injection (MDI) treatment

Scott, E. S. McGrath, R. T. Januszewski, A. S. Calandro, D. Hardikar, A. A. O'Neal, D. N. Fulcher, G. Jenkins, A. J.
BMJ OPEN, 2019     DOI:10.1136/bmjopen-2019-033059

Hyperandrogenism and metabolic syndrome are associated with changes in serum-derived microRNAs in women with polycystic ovary syndrome

Sorensen, A. E. Udesen, P. B. Maciag, G. Geiger, J. Saliani, N. Januszewski, A. S. Jiang, G. Ma, R. C. Hardikar, A. A. Wissing, M. L. M. Englund, A. L. M. Dalgaard, L. T.
FRONT MED (LAUSANNE), 2019     DOI:10.3389/fmed.2019.00242