Can Symptom monitoring With Feedback to clinicians improve the lives of people on dialysis (SWIFT pilot)?

The Symptom monitoring WIth Feedback Trial (SWIFT) is an Australia & New Zealand Dialysis and Transplant Association (ANZDATA) registry-based cluster randomised trial to improve the lives of people on kidney dialysis. New data suggests symptom monitoring may not only improve quality of life, but also improve overall survival. Using a novel registry-based cluster randomised controlled trial design, with participants receiving haemodialysis, the study aims to:

  1. To determine whether regular symptom monitoring with feedback to the renal team can improve health-related quality of life and overall survival among adults with end stage kidney disease managed with facility-haemodialysis; and
  2. To determine the cost-effectiveness of registry-based electronic patient reported outcome measures (e-PROMs) data collection

Cost effectiveness of symptom monitoring with feedback and quality of life is through the ANZDATA registry from the perspective of the health system. Patients included in the study are adults aged 18 years or older with end stage kidney disease managed on haemodialysis at an Australian or New Zealand haemodialysis facility.

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University of Tasmania, Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University, Royal Adelaide Hospital, University of Otago Christchurch, University of Launceston, Australasian Kidney Trials Network, University of Queensland, Metro South and Ipswich Nephrology and Transplant Services, UK Renal Registry, University of Bristol, National French ESRD registry REIN, Centre for Kidney Research, Westmead hospital, Western Sydney Renal Service, Alberta Health Services Kidney Strategic Clinical Network, University of Calgary

Funded by:

Kidney Health

Chief investigators:

Rachael L Morton, Stephen McDonald, Matthew Jose, Chris Brown, Liliana Laranjo, Paul Bennett, Suetonia Palmer, Fergus Caskey, Cecile Couchoud, Shilpa Jesudason



Trial registration number: