ACRF Australian Centre of Excellence in Melanoma Imaging and Diagnosis (ACEMID).

The total body 3D imaging technology at the core of ACRF ACEMID allows for objective and secure data collection providing highly advanced avatars of people imaged. These avatars enable detailed documentation of all skin surfaces (except soles of feet, scalp and areas covered by clothing). Through the creation of smart software and advanced analysis of the imaging data, additional dermoscopy could in the future be negated and the clinical utility of 3D total body photography will become evident. This will significantly improve lesion identification and tracking in combination with greatly reduced appointment time and healthcare costs. The study is assessing the health economic impact by comparing health care costs of usual care with those of 3D imaging. The Clinical and Health Service Evaluation program of ACRF ACEMID will expand this research from the Queensland site across the three health jurisdictions, developing quality of service assurance standards as well as economic and business models of practice. This considers factors influencing, as well as the process and consequences of implementation, including how to introduce viable solutions into a health system and/or to further upscale use and make it sustainable.



University of Queensland, University of Queensland Diamantina Institute, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Westmead Institute for Medical Research, Melanoma Institute, University of Sydney, Victorian Melanoma Service, Alfred Hospital, Westmead Hospital, Skin and Cancer Foundation, Centre for Translational Skin Research, Centre for Health Services Research, Monash University, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney Melanoma Diagnostic Centre, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Funded by:

ACRF Australian Centre for Excellence

Chief investigators:

Rachael L Morton, Anne Crust, Graham Mann, Peter Soyer, Victoria Mar, Monika Janda, Joanne Aitken, Pablo Fernandez, Len Gray, Scott Menzies, Richard Scolyer, Rory Wolfe, Pascale Guitera, Chris McCormack, Liam Caffery