About us

The Evidence Integration team assists with the global initiative to reduce research waste using prospective meta-analysis, a method of systematic reviews whereby the trials included in a meta-analysis are determined prior to the completion of the trial.

The purpose of this is to reduce issues of publication bias and harmonisation faced by traditional systematic reviews.

The team welcomes any interest in forming collaborations and is happy to be contacted to be involved in the design stage of prospective meta-analyses or to discuss whether it would be possible to integrate prospective meta-analysis into your study.



The group has extensive experience on prospective meta-analyses methodology, with members publishing ‘A guide to prospective meta-analysis’ in the BMJ. 

We also provide methods support and advice to national and international research teams and government through its involvement in the Cochrane Prospective meta-analysis methods group, and have recently published the results from a prospective meta-analysis completed as part of the EPOCH Collaboration.


Funding and collaborators

Funders include the NHMRC and NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre. Our collaborators include the global Cochrane network, collaborative trial groups in Australia, New Zealand, and internationally, and federal agencies.


Contact us

Cochrane PMA: ctc.cochranePMA@sydney.edu.au

Prospective meta-analysis publication: lene.seidler@sydney.edu.au