The Evidence Integration team has expertise in the design, conduct, and analysis of network meta-analysis. The team uses network meta-analysis in systematic reviews to compare trials focussing on treating the same population/condition of interest with differing interventions. This is made possible using direct and indirect comparisons to provide a ‘rank’ for the effectiveness of each intervention.

Recently the team has been working on network meta-analysis using the iCOMP Collaboration – a network meta-analysis on the effect of cord management strategies on mortality in pre-term infants. This Collaboration currently includes over 70 trials, with over 130 eligible trials, using 9 different cord management strategies.

The team welcomes any contact regarding the design stage of network meta-analyses, or to discuss whether it would be possible to integrate network meta-analysis in your study.


Funding and collaborators

Funders include the NHMRC and our Collaborators include the Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit and NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre.


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