The Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry (ANZCTR) is an online public registry of clinical trials based within the Evidence Integration Team at the CTC.

The Evidence Integration team uses the data publicly provided on the ANZCTR website to complete research on research (or meta-research). This includes research looking at the landscape or epidemiology of clinical trials, and exploring integrity, bias and methodology in research.

The team has recently completed an updated report looking at clinical trials activity within Australia, including activity of trials focussing on Indigenous health. This updated report, looking at trials registered from 2006-2020, can be found here. Future work will look at providing an update on clinical trials in New Zealand, with the previous report available here.

The team has recently published a guide for systematic reviewers searching clinical trials registers (available here) and is in the process of publishing work on data sharing practices in clinical trials.

Previous work looking at integrity and bias in clinical trials has looked at the impact of industry involvement of study characteristics, trends in registration practices, and differences in clinical trials registered prospectively on a registry such as the ANZCTR. Please see publications list below for more information.

The team welcomes any interest in research internships, and higher degrees such as Masters of Philosophy or PhD’s looking at meta-research, and research using data from registries such as the ANZCTR.


Contact us

For questions or comments directed at the ANZCTR:

For those interested in research internships or higher degrees please contact Professor Angela Webster.  



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