The Centre of Research Excellence in the Early Prevention of Obesity in Childhood (EPOCH CRE) aims to reduce the prevalence of obesity and obesity-related behaviours in the first five years of life, and their future impact.

The NextGen team at the CTC lead Stream 1 of the CRE, with the primary objectives of:

  1. Determining effects of early intervention programs which are aimed at preventing childhood obesity at 2 years of age
  2. Determining the longer term effects – at 3.5 and 5 years of age – of early intervention programs in Australasia
  3. Determining which components of the complex interventions tested are more or less effective in preventing childhood obesity, and which interventions work best for which subgroups.
  4. Establishing a framework for data sharing and collaborative analyses of early childhood obesity prevention trials worldwide. This has led to the formation of the TOPCHILD Collaboration.



NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, University of Sydney, Deakin University, Flinders University, Queensland University of Technology, University of Otago

Chief Investigators:

Anna Lene Seidler, Kylie Hunter, Lisa Askie , Louise Baur, Chris Rissel, Karen Campbell, Kylie Hesketh, Rachael Taylor, Alison Hayes, Marj Moodie, Li Ming Wen, Lynne Daniels, Anthea Magarey

Trial Reg no.:




External website:


NHMRC Project Grant (ID: 1028555)

NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence (ID: 1101675)

CTC staff involved:

Anna Lene Seidler, Kylie Hunter, David Espinoza, Andrew Martin, Lisa Askie


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