BEAT-Calci will generate better evidence for a range of interventions to understand what works best to treat patients with calciphylaxis, improve their wound healing, and reduce disease progression.

The results will be immediately practice-changing in an area of medicine that is currently lacking evidence-based therapies.



Calciphylaxis is a rare, painful disease, with a poor prognosis and no proven treatment options. To date, no randomised controlled trials for calciphylaxis treatments have been completed and there is considerable variation in its clinical management. New data and new treatments for calciphylaxis are urgently needed.


BEAT-Calci is an investigator-initiated, multicentre, international, prospective, adaptive, platform, randomised controlled trial. It has been developed to specifically address the unique barriers to research in this rare disease.

BEAT-Calci aims to establish high-quality evidence on the effect of a range of interventions in patients with kidney failure and newly diagnosed calciphylaxis. The platform design allows multiple treatments, across diverse ‘domains’ of therapeutic care, to be assessed within one trial. This makes discovering the best treatment/s quicker and more reliable.

BEAT-Calci is currently recruiting in Australia and New Zealand, with plans to expand its research into Europe and North America.


The CTC holds significant expertise in nephrology, adaptive methodology, and delivery of international research - all needed to successfully deliver efficient calciphylaxis research. The investigators utilize creative solutions to have; multiple treatments tested at once, intensify treatment in patients with worsening disease, and reduce the time needed to find whether treatments work.


Started 2020 - ongoing


Australasian Kidney Trials Network, Waitemata District Health Board (New Zealand), Northern Care Alliance NHS Trust (United Kingdom)


Study overview