TheraP featured on CH9


Australian doctors are trialing a world-first treatment for prostate cancer, and the results are compelling. The ANZUP-led TheraP trial featured in a Nine News exclusive. CTC is coordinator on the trial, which is no longer recruiting patients.

The primary endpoint of the study was to compare the effects of the two treatments on change in PSA, a blood biomarker of prostate cancer. A favourable response, defined by reduction of PSA by 50% or more, occurred in 66% of men assigned to receive Lu-PSMA compared to 37% with cabazitaxel. Results of the trial also demonstrated the treatment had less toxicity than chemotherapy.

Further TheraP highlights:

Another CTC-coordinated trial, ENZA-P, is using the same drug in TheraP (Lu-PSMA) for treatment of prostrate cancer. It will be open for recruitment soon. For more information, head to the ENZA-P trial page.