Dr Kristy Robledo announced as finalist for Western Sydney Women Awards 2022


These awards are dedicated to celebrating women in Western Sydney. These people are:

  • Women who excel in business
  • Inspiring female role models
  • Women who have demonstrated excellence in their career and elsewhere
  • Women who have made significant contributions in their community
  • Women who have made a difference to Greater Western Sydney


Dr Kristy Robledo, said she was excited to be nominated as a finalist in the Woman in STEM Award. The Western Sydney Woman in STEM Award focuses on women who have paved their way in the areas of science, technology, engineering or mathematics. This could be excellence in education or in the workplace or their own business. We are looking for leaders in STEM that have not been recognised for their work or efforts previously. Proudly sponsored by Western Sydney Airport.


“I am honoured to be announced as a finalist for the WSW STEM Award. This award is important because it recognises the impact of women striving for representation in male dominated fields such as mathematics and statistics. For the past ten years, I have worked my way up in the biostatistics department at the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre at the University of Sydney, working on clinical trials and collaborations in cardiovascular, neonatal and gynaecological research and improving health outcomes in those areas. I am very lucky to work with a fantastic team of dedicated researchers and fellow statisticians, our strength is definitely our people!”

“Since completing my PhD in 2018, I’ve attracted over $4M in research grants, published over 40 papers and have 4.5 times more citations than other researchers in my field. My research collaborations have had a significant global impact. For example, I led the follow-up study of infants in an umbilical cord clamping trial, results published this year showed that simply waiting 60 seconds before clamping the umbilical cord, could save one in 20 very pre-term infants from death or major disability at two years of age. I was also involved in a practice changing trial on surgical treatment options for cervical cancer patients which changed four different international guidelines and changed clinical practice in the field.” 

“As a key member in collaborations, I am frequently asked to lead the statistical design and analysis of clinical trials at a national and international level. I lead my own research methodology, developing new methods for the analysis of biomarkers and their application in clinical trials. The use of biomarkers is considered the future of clinical trials and working towards personalised medicine. As a unit coordinator and clinician in short courses at the University of Sydney, I am passionate about teaching statistical and trial design to postgraduate students. I believe that anyone is capable of learning statistical and clinical trial concepts, provided it is taught in an engaging and suitable way and I’m always looking at utilising new and improved methods of teaching."

“Women in my category are all courageous in their endeavours. Research, particularly for females, is very competitive. These women know the challenges they face and are fearless in striving for their goals. I’m really looking forward to meeting the other women, learning from their journeys as well as finding synergies for collaborations”.


Amanda Rose has been blown away by the quality of the candidates and touched by the community’s enthusiasm for the WSW awards.

“Since the awards’ inception we have had an incredibly inspiring roll call of nominees making the finalist list and this year is no exception,” she said. “What really amazes me is seeing so many women getting involved and cheering each other on.”

“Women in the West are highly talented and motivated. It makes me so happy that they’re able to be properly recognised and celebrated for all their hard work and determination. I’m grateful to our generous sponsors who are likewise thrilled to see such deserving candidates get through to the final round of nominations.”


The Finalist Networking Cocktail Party will be held on 20 October 2022 at Penrith Panthers with the Awards Gala to follow on 30 November at Bankstown Sports.


For more information on the WSW Awards please visit: Awards 2022 — Western Sydney Women


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