CTC is open during COVID-19


The CTC remains open during the COVID-19 health crisis, with the vast majority of staff working from home as per University of Sydney and government advice. For the most part, our staff are contactable via phones and email, and our trial systems remain active. If you cannot reach a staff member, you can always call Reception on +61 2 9562 5000.

Healthcare delivery has changed rapidly since the COVID-19 outbreak. While research targeting COVID-19 remains a priority, the Department of Health has advised that the initiation and continuation of other research is critical, and that flexibility, consultation and good sense should be employed to continue the focus on the safety and well being of those at most risk in our communities.

The impact of COVID-19 on CTC research going forward is uncertain and will vary according to individual studies. However we expect disruption and are responding in a number of ways:

  • We are ensuring patient and trial participant safety and well being remains our top priority
  • Our clinical trials teams are working in partnership with trial management committees, trial sites and our key collaborators to determine the adjustments required to keep trials operational
  • We have asked trial management committees, who know trials best, to implement measures to mitigate risk
  • We have implemented processes to help facilitate decisions and actions, based on guidance provided by the Department of Health for clinical trials during COVID-19
  • We are monitoring expert advice closely - from ethics committees, regulatory bodies and industry groups – to help the CTC anticipate and adapt to further changes in the healthcare system.

The University and CTC will continue to monitor the situation and respond in appropriate ways to maintain research integrity during this challenging period.

We will also continue to do everything possible to assist the healthcare community, and our collaborators and colleagues.