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Thoracic and GI Oncology



Anthony Jaworski

Clinical Trials Program Manager - Oncology

Anthony joined the CTC in 2019 and provides oversight and support to the operations of trials within the Oncology program with colleague Karen Bracken. While providing leadership and support to the whole Oncology program, Anthony focuses primarily on thoracic and gastro-intestinal oncology trials, as well as pan cancer and molecular oncology

With over a decade of experience within clinical trials, Anthony contributes expertise from his vast experience in full service clinical trial development and management across both the private and public sectors. Whilst his main passion and focus is gastrointestinal oncology, Anthony brings experience in managing large scale, multi-centre international trials within paediatric oncology, respiratory, gastrointestinal, microbiome and infectious diseases.

Prior to joining the CTC, Anthony worked in the public sector establishing KOALA, a centre of excellence for early phase paediatric oncology and leukaemia trials within Australia. KOALA specialised in developing and managing cutting-edge translational research projects and trials within paediatric oncology and leukaemia such as CAR T-cell therapy trials and precision medicine trials.