Research Themes



Saskia Cheyne

PhD Candidate

Saskia Cheyne is a PhD Candidate in 'next generation' systematic reviews and meta-analyses, with an interest in prospective and living approaches to evidence synthesis, guideline development and Health Technology Assessments (HTA).

Saskia currently works as a Senior Evidence Officer for the National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce, where she is Methods Co-Chair of 3 clinical panels, Care of Older People and Palliative Care, Critical Care and Hospital and Acute Care. Her previous role at the CTC involved undertaking evidence reviews for HTAs and guidelines.

Prior to joining the CTC Saskia worked at NICE in the UK as a Research Fellow and Project Manager conducting evidence reviews to inform clinical guideline development and co-ordinating the development of the full guideline ensuring they ran smoothly, to time, quality and scope. Saskia also interned at the WHO while undertaking her MSc in Global Health at Maastricht University and has a BSc in Psychology from the ANU.


Thesis Work

Title: Methods development for the conduct and reporting of 'next generation' systematic reviews and meta-analyses