Research Themes

IPD/PMA, childhood obesity prevention, breast cancer, perinatal medicine, research transparency


MPH BA(Hons)HumMov BA

Kylie Hunter

Senior Project Officer, PhD Candidate

Kylie Hunter has worked with the CTC Systematic Reviews team since 2009. In this time she has conducted systematic reviews across a broad range of areas such as perinatal medicine, breast cancer screening, and prevention of childhood obesity. Kylie has also developed expertise in clinical trial registration in her role with the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry (ANZCTR). She currently specialises in systematic reviews methodologies, such as individual participant data (IPD) meta-analysis and prospective meta-analysis (PMA), and has been an active member of the Cochrane PMA Methods Group since 2009.

Kylie has a background in Human Movement and previously worked as a Research Assistant at the NSW Institute of Sport. She commenced a PhD in July 2020, for which she is leading an IPD meta-analysis of trials evaluating behavioural interventions for the prevention of early childhood obesity.