Research Themes

Precision oncology and clinical trials


BSc(Med) MBBS FRACP MMed(Clin Epi)

Dr Doah Cho

PhD Candidate

Dr Doah Cho is a PhD candidate at the CTC and medical oncologist at St George Private Hospital.

Her PhD research focuses on innovating the clinical trial paradigm in precision oncology and assessing evidence for novel targeted therapies for rare molecularly defined cancers. She is involved in developing guidelines for biomarker-directed therapies in personalised medicines through CT:IQ.

She has a special interest in breast and gynaecological cancers. She was awarded BSc(Med) and MBBS from the University of New South Wales in 2006 and completed her medical oncology training at St George, Prince of Wales and Sutherland hospitals in 2016. She was also awarded Masters of Medicine (Clinical Epidemiology) at University of Sydney in 2018.