Research Themes

Meta-research, Clinical epidemiology, Evidence-based medicine, Research methods, Clinical trials


MD, MMed, BMed

Dr Aidan Tan

PhD Candidate

Dr Aidan Tan is a clinician, researcher and academic based in Sydney. He is a Paediatric Registrar at Sydney Children’s Hospital, with a Master of Medicine from The University of Sydney and a passion for evidence-based medicine in neonates, infants and children.

Aidan is a PhD candidate at The University of Sydney, with strong interests in public health, clinical epidemiology and meta-research. He leads international studies on research methods and clinical trials, and is a Board Member and the Treasurer for the Association for Interdisciplinary Meta-Research and Open Science, a not-for-profit organisation.

Aidan is a Conjoint Associate Lecturer at both the University of New South Wales and Western Sydney University, with a long-standing interest in suicide intervention for adolescents and young people.