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MBBS, MSc (applied biostatistics and epidemiology) (FRACGP)

Dr Sally (Sarah) Lord

Senior Research Fellow

Sally Lord is an epidemiologist and senior research fellow at the CTC (Thursdays). Her research interests are in epidemiology and research methods to develop and assess the clinical value of medical tests and biomarkers, new technologies, and risk models to guide treatment decisions. She is involved in the design of studies of diagnostic accuracy and prognosis, clinical trials, systematic reviews and decision-models. 

Sally has an MBBS, MSc (applied biostatistics and epidemiology) and a clinical background in general practice (FRACGP). She collaborates on test evaluation projects and prognostic studies to improve diagnostic classification with researchers nationally and internationally, and holds a 0.8 FTE position as Head of Epidemiology at the School of Medicine, the University of Notre Dame. She teaches in the Biomarkers Studies unit in the Masters of Clinical Trials Research and the Decision Analysis unit in the Masters of Public Health, the University of Sydney.


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