Research Themes

Competing risks and multi-state modelling; risk modelling; Rmarkdown; statistical graphics.


B.Sc with Hons 1 in Mathematics, University of NSW 1970; PhD in Statistics, Stanford University 1974.

Malcolm Hudson

Honorary Professor

Malcolm Hudson is Emeritus Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Macquarie University. He supervised seven PhD students who graduated from Macquarie University to successful statistical careers. His research interests at CTC include multi-parameter Poisson and semiparametric models, statistical computing using R, and development of risk models.

Hudson contributes to the biostatistics community through long-standing (since 1974) involvement in research on statistical applications in medicine. He collaborates with researchers on the NHMRC Program Grant of the NHMRC CTC, on which he was a Principal Investigator (2003-2007).

He taught in the Biostatistics Collaboration of Australia’s postgraduate programs and assists students in statistical aspects of clinical medicine research. Hudson’s research on Medical Imaging conducted during the period 1994-2000 has very high citation impact. In 2014 he was recipient of the IEEE Marie Sklodowska-Curie Award.

Hudson’s Biostatistics papers include both recent (e.g. Hudson, Lo, Heritier, Statistics in Medicine, 2014) and earlier publications (e.g. Glare et al, BMJ, 2003; Lumley et al, SIM, 2001, Hudson, Biometrics, 1986, Hudson and Hahn, J. Theor. Biol., 1977, ... ).

His home page with full CV is available at .