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Health Economics



Dr Sergey Alexeev

Senior Research Fellow, Health Economist

Dr Sergey Alexeev joined the CTC in 2022. He is an applied microeconomist interested in health behaviour. He has a particularly strong expertise in formulating a public policy to improve the health of individuals with poor health and self-control.

Sergey received a PhD in economics from the University of Technology Sydney in May 2020 with specialised training in econometricians. His experience includes estimating the causal effects of public policies in nonexperimental settings using complex administrative data (including mobile apps) and national household surveys.

Sergey has worked with the Swiss tax authorities data, NSW data crime and reoffending data, NSW department of education individual-level NAPLAN data, Russian Repository of Judicial Statistics, Factiva, and the household surveys from the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, and Switzerland.

As a trained economist working in faculty medicine, Sergey leverages his training in modern econometrics to work on high-impact projects to improve public health.