Research Themes

Patient-reported outcomes, quality of life, health preferences, research waste, outcomes methodology


BA/Psych (Hons), PhD

Dr Rebecca Mercieca-Bebber

Senior Research Fellow, Quality of Life Lead

Dr Rebecca Mercieca-Bebber joined the CTC team in 2018 as the Quality of Life Research Fellow. She is supported by an NHMRC Early Career Fellowship. She is responsible for the development of patient-reported outcomes (PRO) endpoints of many CTC trials, particularly in the oncology team. She has an interest in research methodology, patient experience and how this impacts quality of life and treatment preferences.

Rebecca co-authored the SPIRIT-PRO (Standard Protocol Items for Randomised Trials – PRO extension), internationally-endorsed guidance for development of PRO endpoints of clinical trial protocols, and ethical guidance for patient involvement in PRO studies.

Rebecca’s PhD focused on the methodological design, conduct and reporting of PROs in clinical trials. A key focus was investigating the issues arising from missing PRO data. For her PhD work, she received a New Investigator Award from the International Society for Quality of Life Research (ISOQOL) in 2017 and The Post-Graduate Researcher Award from the Cancer Research Network - 10th Anniversary Awards.

Rebecca previously worked at the Cancer Australia Quality of Life Office, advising the cancer clinical trials groups about PROs. She is the past Chair of the ISOQOL Australia and New Zealand Special Interest Group.