Research Themes

Prospectively planned, network and individual participant data meta-analysis



Dr Nipun Shrestha

Research Associate

Dr Nipun Shrestha joined the CTC in 2022 and works as a Research Associate in individual participant data meta-analyses projects such as the iCOMP collaboration, which examines cord management in preterm infants, and the TOPCHILD collaboration which focuses on early childhood obesity prevention.

Nipun has a background in clinical medicine (MBBS), with training and experience in working as a clinician in Nepal and a Ph.D. in physical activity epidemiology from Victoria University, Australia. He brings over 8 years of experience in conducting systematic reviews across a broad range of areas such as non-communicable diseases, exercise science, and sedentary behavior interventions.

Before joining the CTC, Nipun worked at the University of Liverpool in the UK as a Research Associate in designing and implementing a community based mental health intervention for older adults in Colombia funded by the ESRC and Newton Fund.