Research Themes

Analysis of Biomarker data, Neonatal, Oncology (particularly Cervical cancer), Diabetes


PhD, MBiostats, BScAgr(hons I)

Dr Kristy Robledo

Research Fellow

Dr Kristy Pamela Robledo is an early career biostatistician at the CTC with over 10 years’ experience in clinical trials research. Kristy is responsible for the provision of statistical leadership to clinical trial networks in oncology, neonatology, cardiovascular and other areas, to design, undertake, analyse and report on clinical trials.

Kristy has specific interest in the use of biomarkers in clinical trials research, including the statistical methodology within clinical trials, and the use of biomarkers to model longer term outcomes. She is responsible for the content development, coordination, and teaching of units of study and external short courses in statistics. Kristy is also a lecturer and has developed materials for the annual statistical training provided to Australia and New Zealand Radiation Oncology trainees.