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Dr Katrin Sjoquist

Senior Research Fellow and Clinical Lead

Dr Katrin Sjoquist is a senior research fellow and Clinical Lead at the CTC. She is also a practising medical oncologist (FRACP 2010) and is a staff specialist at St George and Sutherland hospitals. Katrin has worked at the CTC since 2010 when she undertook a fellowship in clinical trials and research. Since then she’s obtained a Master of Clinical Trial (Research) and contributed to the clinical trials programs for AGITG and ANZGOG as Clinical Lead.

Having started her fellowship expecting to return to full time clinical practice, Katrin realised her passion for clinical research and splits her time between research and clinical practice. As group coordinator for AGITG trials since May 2018, Katrin provides high level input into the design, oversight and interpretation of clinical trials. She is clinical lead for the Cancer Australia-funded Genomics Cancer Clinical Trials Initiative (GCCTI), and for the Molecular Screening and Therapeutics trial programme (MoST) in collaboration with the Garvan Institute.

Research interests

  • Design & management of Phase II/III Clinical Trials
  • Evidence based medicine
  • Gastrointestinal & Gynaecological Cancers
  • Evaluating benefits versus harms of treatment

Thesis Work

Title: Improved decision making from clinical trial evidence in an era of personalised medicine

Supervisors: John SimesMartin Stockler


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