Research Themes

Thrombosis, inflammation, redox biology and proteomics



Dr Joyce Chiu

Sydney Medical School Foundation Fellow

Dr Joyce Chiu is a basic scientist who joined the CTC in 2016 after two post-doctoral trainings in redox biology with Emeritus Prof Ian Dawes (UNSW) and Prof Philip Hogg (USYD). She is currently an independent research fellow building her research program at the Charles Perkin Centre to identify new biomarkers and targeted therapy for cancer and heart disease. Joyce has a developed a state-of-the-art proteomic platform for her research that enables molecular profiling of proteins. Combined with chemical targeting, her research goal is to develop safe and efficacious treatment that better matches the molecular profile of the patients. Her research findings have been published in top journals of biomedical science including ELife, Nature Commun, Circulation, Blood and J Biol Chem. Her contributions to her discipline led to her award of two highly competitive fellowships from the Sydney Medical School Foundation - the Robert and Helen Ellis Postdoctoral Fellowship and the Professor Tony Basten Postdoctoral Fellowship.