Nature of group

CTC activity

Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (ACTA)

Advocacy body for investigator-initiated trials groups: Australia

The CTC is a full member of the Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (ACTA), the national body supporting and representing clinician researchers conducting clinical trials, clinical trial registries and coordinating clinical trial centres.

CTC Director Professor John Simes and CTC Deputy Director Professor Tony Keech played lead roles in the establishment of ACTA in 2013. The CTC participates in and supports ACTA events to help advance clinical trial research and make it more integrated with healthcare. The CTC’s Professor Rachael Morton is an ACTA Board Director.

Founding member

Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI)

Advocacy body for clinical trials: international


RNA-based Analysis for Prediction of Islet Death (RAPID)

Collaborative group: Australia


Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) and Department of Health and Ageing

Government: Australia

Assessments of new technologies and other research services

Menzies Research Institute and Charles Darwin University

Research institution: Australia