Test Evaluation

Improving the development, evaluation and use of tests in clinical practice

The aims of CTC's Test Research Group are

  • to help clinicians design studies to identify tests and testing strategies that can improve clinical practice and patient outcomes
  • to improve the methods and interpretation of clinical studies of tests

 What we do

We use a broad evaluation framework to assess the impact of tests on patient outcomes.

Clinical tests are used to guide diagnosis, staging and classification of disease to estimate prognosis and select treatment. When a new test is introduced, the potential benefits of testing must be weighed against its risks and the consequences of possible misdiagnosis.

We specialise in designing and conducting

  • proof-of-concept studies for potential tests
  • test accuracy studies
  • randomised controlled trials of tests
  • analyses of test data recorded in treatment trials to determine the clinical significance of the test results
  • development and validation of risk models
  • systematic reviews of test evidence
  • decision models and economic analyses of tests

About us

Sally (Sarah) Lord, MBBS, MSc, FRACGP, is a senior research fellow, who has been at CTC since 2003. She works with clinicians, laboratory scientists, biostatisticians, health economists and health technology assessment agencies on the development and evaluation of medical tests, biomarkers and risk models.

Lukas Staub, MD, PhD, is a senior research fellow. He completed his PhD at CTC on the research methods in medical test evaluation in 2012. Lukas has over 10 years of international experience in the conduct and analysis of clinical studies.

With dual training in medicine and epidemiology, we work with multidisciplinary groups to apply sound methods to the evaluation of tests used in practice.

Our expertise includes

  • working in a clinical trials research environment where the focus is on demonstrating the impact of interventions on patient health outcomes
  • working from a health technology assessment (HTA) perspective to provide clinical evidence to justify reimbursement for the cost of the test


For more information please contact us at sally.lord@ctc.usyd.edu.au or lukas.staub@ctc.usyd.edu.au




Promoting evidence-based medical testing

A major strand of our research at the CTC involves the evaluation of new tests and technology to obtain evidence of their value in clinical decision making.