Tony Keech: 2017 RPA Foundation medallist

Award for excellence and outstanding achievements in medical research

CTC's deputy director, Tony Keech, has been awarded the RPA Foundation Medal 2017.

The medal, with $50,000 to go toward research, is presented annually by Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney. It reflects the hospital's commitment to providing an environment for talented scientists to apply new ideas and technologies to improve human health.  

Tony started his career Monash University, then went to Oxford, and returned to Australia in the early days of the CTC.  He trained as a cardiologist and was drawn into epidemiology and clinical trials in the 1980s, when many patients were dying of heart disease, and he thought that prevention would be preferable to a need for treatment.  He worked on huge cardiovascular trials, such as the Heart Protection Study in the UK and LIPID (Long-term Intervention with Pravastatin in Ischaemic Disease) in Australia. The treatments used in these trials (statins) have led to improvements in survival of people with coronary heart disease. His current research at CTC continues this theme, but he also focuses on prevention of the complications of diabetes.

Tony is also a practising cardiologist at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and teaches medical and postgraduate students.

At the award ceremony, Tony was given an opportunity to speak about his research.  He thanked his colleagues at RPA Cardiology for their support and knowledge over the years and his colleagues and teams at CTC for their contribution to his research achievements.