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Research seminar: Part1-Does the rising cost of anticancer drugs actually matter? A PhD progress update. Part 2-Recruiting to a prevention study using mainstream and social media: the T4DM experience (PDF)
Potential of adjunct therapies to prevent cardiovascular disease in type 1 diabetes (PDF)
A novel algorithm for feature ranking with application to genome-wide association studies (PDF)

Persuading grant reviewers to fund your study (PDF)
Effect of community-based newborn-care intervention in Sylhet district, Bangladesh: a cluster-randomised controlled trial (PDF)
Neuroinflammation-a tale of two pathologies (PDF)
Clinical trials and impact on practice: are they good value for the money? (PDF)

Partnerships for wellbeing: promoting the emotional wellbeing of young people with cancer and their carers (PDF)
Blinding in randomised controlled trials: to test or not to test? (PDF)
Lessons learnt leading cancer clinical trials (PDF)
Methodological approaches in clinical trials of biomarkers for personalising treatment of advanced cancers (PDF)

Seminar series details (PDF)

Seminar series flyer (PDF)
Seminar series details (ZIP)

Seminar series details (ZIP)

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