Research Themes


BSc (Hons), PhD

Lucille Sebastian

Clinical Trials Program Manager - MoST trials

Lucille is the Program Manager for the Molecular Screening and Therapeutics Program at the CTC and is the Head of the Molecular Therapeutics Program at the Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Centre. Together with visionary researchers and a dedicated professional team at the CTC and the AGCMC, Lucille has operationalised an innovative approach to personalised treatment in advanced and rare cancer research. The program links a molecular screening platform with matched therapeutics under a novel clinical framework trial design. She is leading the therapeutics program as it expands nationally in partnership with researchers, colleagues, industry, cancer patients and their families, treating clinicians and hospitals.

Lucille Sebastian joined the CTC in 2007 after completing a PhD in reproductive physiology and a research post doctorate in proteomics and biotechnology. She has over 12 years of experience in global perinatology and oncology clinical trial operations management with in-depth knowledge of trial planning, design and execution. Until recently, Lucille was part of the steering committee of the Interdisciplinary Maternal Perinatal Australasian Collaborative Trials (IMPACT) Network where she advised on clinical trial methodology and concept development; she has taught a protocol development module as part of the Master of Clinical Trials, at the University of Sydney. She enjoys building and innovating and thrives in unchartered areas of clinical research.