Research Themes

Oncology, COVID-19, new therapeutic area collaborations



Kate Wilson

Research Development Manager

Kate Wilson is the CTC’s Research Development Manager, supporting the exploration and development of new clinical trials at the CTC.  Since 2004 she has played a key role in the development and conduct of investigator initiated clinical trials conducted by the CTC. Kate’s research themes are oncology, COVID-19 and new therapeutic area collaborations.

In her Research Development Manager role, Kate supports a team of Research Development Leads who work with internal academics to support the development of their concepts for funding applications and to finalise concepts for commencement as a new CTC led clinical trial.  In addition, the research development team works with external academics to develop new research to be conducted in collaboration with the CTC.

As part of the business and research development role, Kate meets with new researchers and research groups from a range of therapeutic areas to explore potential academic collaborations and new business development with researchers at the CTC.

Kate is also an experienced medical and grant writer and provides leadership to staff preparing grant applications.