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BHSc MMedSc(Clin Epid)

Xanthi Coskinas

ENZAMET & ENZARAD Program Manager and PhD Candidate

Xanthi Coskinas was awarded a Masters in Clinical Epidemiology and is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney. Her research interests are design changes to ongoing randomised controlled trials (RCT). Xanthi is also the ENZAMET and ENZARAD program manager, two large global projects investigating the effects of enzalutamide on prostate cancer. The landmark Australian led clinical trial, ENZAMET, showed that hormone therapy with a drug called enzalutamide can improve the survival of some men with advanced, hormone-sensitive prostate cancer. Click here for further details.

Xanthi’s PhD focuses on the transparency and documentation of design changes to ongoing RCTs registered on ANZCTR, and whether those changes have been undertaken with/without knowledge of treatment assignment. Xanthi was awarded a NHMRC postgraduate scholarship in 2018. Xanthi’s supervisors are Associate Professor Andrew Martin and Professor John Simes.

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