Mission and objectives


The CTC aims to improve healthcare and outcomes for Australians and the global community through quality research.


To embed quality research in healthcare practice. 

Key focus areas

Our Strategic Plan 2017-2021 provides a framework for fulfilling our mission with a focus on three key areas:

  • Excellence: Lead quality clinical research in theme areas (cancer, cardiovascular, diabetes, obesity and perinatal)
  • Innovation: Develop new trial methods in design, biostatistics, risk modelling and health economics
  • Evidence: Integrate trial evidence for better decision making, guidelines, implementation and policy

Strategic objectives

  • Bring together world-class expertise in trial methods and conduct, clinical disciplines, biostatistics, health economics, biochemical and molecular sciences
  • Build international collaborations
  • Embed translational studies into our research
  • Deliver quality education, training, teaching and development programs
  • Extend our methodological work in adaptive trial designs, patient reported outcomes, prognostication, diagnostic test evaluation and cost-effectiveness analysis in practical application
  • Combine findings from multiple trials in systematic reviews and to undertake health economic analyses to provide robust evidence for health care decisions for personalised care, guidelines and policy formulation