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More funds for clinical trials and an award for BOOST II

There was double good news for clinical trials this morning at the ACTA Clinical Trials 2017: National Tribute and Awards Ceremony held at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. First, federal Minister fo... Read More

Celebrating our clinical trials history with oranges

Today, CTC is celebrating International Clinical Trials Day. We like to keep in touch with our history, so we are celebrating with oranges. Lessons in history Each year the world celebrat... Read More

People at very high risk of melanoma would benefit from monitoring

Australia has one of the highest rates of melanoma in the world. A newly published study has shown that for people at very high risk, specialised surveillance clinics would cut costs and imp... Read More

Published Research

Enhanced recovery after surgery for suspected ovarian malignancy: a survey of Perioperative Practice Among Gynecologic Oncologists in Australia and New Zealand to inform a clinical trial

International Journal of Gynecological Cancer 2017; 27(5): 1046–1050

Lindemann K, Kok PS, Stockler M, Sykes P, Brand A.

Paragon (ANZGOG-0903): phase 2 study of anastrozole in women with estrogen or progesterone receptor-positive platinum-resistant or -refractory recurrent ovarian cancer

International Journal of Gynecological Cancer. Online 13 May 2017.

Bonaventura A, O'Connell RL, Mapagu C, Beale PJ, McNally OM, Mileshkin LR, Grant PT, Hadley AM, Goh JCH, Sjoquist KM, Martyn J, DeFazio A, Scurry J, Friedlander ML

Asymmetric changes in circulating insulin levels after an increase compared with a reduction in insulin pump basal rate in people with type 1 diabetes

Diabetic Medicine. Online 1 May 2017

McAuley SA, Ward GM, Horsburgh JC, Gooley JL, Jenkins AJ, MacIsaac RJ, O'Neal DN

The importance of censoring in competing risks analysis of the subdistribution hazard

BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017; 17(1): 52

Donoghoe MW, Gebski V

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Introduction to Economic Evaluation in Health

31 March 2017

A one-day course that provides an introduction to economic evaluation in health and health care.

ANZGOG Annual Scientific Meeting: 29 March - 1 April 2017

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