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Bell K J, Mehta Y, Turner R M, Morton R L, Dieng M, Saw R, Guitera P, McCaffery K, Low D, Low C, Jenkins M, Irwig L, Webster A C Fear of new or recurrent melanoma after treatment for localised melanoma. Psycho-oncology 2017;

Brazionis L, Jenkins A, Keech A, Ryan C, Bursell S E An evaluation of the telehealth facilitation of diabetes and cardiovascular care in remote Australian Indigenous communities: protocol for the telehealth eye and associated medical services network [TEAMSnet] project, a pre–post study design. BMC Health Services Research 2017;  17 (1): 13. Full text

Luckett T, Spencer L, Morton R L, Pollock C A, Lam L, Silvester W, Sellars M, Detering K M, Butow P N, Tong A, Clayton J M Advance care planning in chronic kidney disease: a survey of current practice in Australia. Nephrology (Carlton) 2017;  22 (2): 139–`39.

Oei J L, Saugstad O D, Lui K, Wright I M, Smyth J P, Craven P, Wang Y A, McMullan R, Coates E, Ward M, Mishra P, De Waal K, Travadi J, See K C, Cheah I G, Lim C T, Choo Y M, Kamar A A, Cheah F C, Masoud A, Tarnow-Mordi W Targeted oxygen in the resuscitation of preterm infants, a randomized clinical trial. Pediatrics 2017;  139 (1)

Oei J L, Vento M, Rabi Y, Wright I, Finer N, Rich W, Kapadia V, Aune D, Rook D, Tarnow-Mordi W, Saugstad O D Higher or lower oxygen for delivery room resuscitation of preterm infants below 28 completed weeks gestation: a meta-analysis. Archives of Disease in Childhood. Fetal and Neonatal Edition 2017;  102 (1): F24–F30. Full text

Phillips C, Jeffree R, Khasraw M Management of breast cancer brain metastases: a practical review. Breast 2017;  31: 90–98.

Pickering H, Murray J, Lin C S, Cormack C, Martin A, Kiernan M C, Krishnan A V Fampridine treatment and walking distance in multiple sclerosis: A randomised controlled trial. Clinical Neurophysiology 2017;  128 (1): 93–99.

Potter J E, Herkes R G, Perry L, Elliott R M, Aneman A, Brieva J L, Cavazzoni E, Cheng A T, O'Leary M J, Seppelt I M, Gebski V Communication with families regarding organ and tissue donation after death in intensive care (COMFORT): protocol for an intervention study. BMC Health Services Research 2017;  17 (1): 42.

Rakhimova G N, Alimova N U, Ryaboshtan A, Waldman B, Ogle G D, Ismailov S I Epidemiological data of type 1 diabetes mellitus in children in Uzbekistan, 1998–2014. Pediatric Diabetes 2017;

van Vliet E O, Askie L A, Mol B W, Oudijk M A Antiplatelet agents and the prevention of spontaneous preterm birth: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Obstetrics and Gynecology 2017;

Vasista A, Stockler M R, West T, Wilcken N, Kiely B E More than just the median: calculating survival times for patients with HER2 positive, metastatic breast cancer using data from recent randomised trials. Breast 2017;  31: 99–104.

Walker R C, Walker S, Morton R L, Tong A, Howard K, Palmer S C Maori patients' experiences and perspectives of chronic kidney disease: a New Zealand qualitative interview study. BMJ Open 2017;  7 (1): e013829. Full text

Watts C G, Cust A E, Menzies S W, Mann G J, Morton R L Cost-effectiveness of skin surveillance through a specialized clinic for patients at high risk of melanoma. Journal of Clinical Oncology 2017;  35 (1): 63–71.

Watts C G, Madronio C, Morton R L, Goumas C, Armstrong B K, Curtin A, Menzies S W, Mann G J, Thompson J F, Cust A E Clinical features associated with individuals at higher risk of melanoma: A population-based study. JAMA Dermatology 2017;  153 (1): 23–29.

Willson M L, Vernooij R W, Gagliardi A R Questionnaires used to assess barriers of clinical guideline use among physicians are not comprehensive, reliable or valid: a scoping review. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 2017;

Zhou B, Hogg P J, Grater F One-Way allosteric communication between the two disulfide bonds in tissue factor. Biophys J 2017;  112 (1): 78–86.